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Reusable Nipple Stickies


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Introducing our Reusable Nipple Stickies - designed with your comfort and style in mind. These nipple stickies are virtually undetectable under clothing, ensuring that you can confidently wear them without worry. Whether you're looking to pair them with our boob tape for added sensitivity or simply want a discreet solution, our Reusable Nipple Stickies are perfect for you.

Our Nipple Stickies are also reusable, adding to their value and convenience. Forget about concerns regarding slippage or show-throughs, as these durable stickies maintain their reliability and performance over multiple uses. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a seamless and secure solution.

• Hypoallergenic Medical Grade Silicone
• Adhesive
• Ultra-thin
• Matte Finish
• Water-safe
• Reusable
• Available in 3 Nude Shades