Rescue Tape

Rescue Tape


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Extra sticky and extra long-lasting, our double stick styling tape is easy to apply and is designed to hold your clothing in place without damaging it. Strong enough for heavy fabrics and safe enough for delicates!

Application instructions: Cleanse skin where tape is to be applied. We recommend alcohol wipes to remove all lotions and oils. Place tape directly on skin, then place and press garment over the tape, being careful to not wrinkle the material. You can readjust the garment as needed however with each readjustment the tape will loose its super stickiness so proceed with caution!

50 1/2" x 3" Strips included in resealable bag

Manufactured in the USA


Skin + clothing safe

*This tape is an adhesive that sticks to the skin. If you have sensitivities to tape, we recommend a trial run in an inconspicuous area prior to all day use!